A volunteer girl attempts to take the business card from a street performer, Wacky Chad, during his performance in Toronto.

August 2015

A graffiti-illustrated mini bus adds to the character of one of Kensingston Market’s colourful backyards in Toronto.

December 2014

A birdy tries to steal a fisherman’s bait during sunset time at Lavagna beach, Italy.

June 2013

A bicycle laying at the bottom of a shallow canal of Sestri Levante, Italy.

May 2011

A bicycle laying at the bottom of a shallow canal in Richmond Hill, Canada.

July 2016

A homeless woman relaxing with a book in the company of her two dogs during a February afternoon in the central area of Sofia, Bulgaria.

February 2010

A Bulgarian woman walks into the foggy and leaf-covered Sofia Cemetery during late November.

November 2008

A Bulgarian homeless man searches for food in the metal garbage bins in front of the Bulgarian Ministry of Inerior, central Sofia.

November 2008

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